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Allah's Orphans: The Story of an Afghan Girl


by Janet Ollila Colberg

Glossy Trade Paperback

Published by Summer Kitchen Press, 2003

  200 pages

ISBN # 0965364747

Price: $12.00



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Allah's Orphans:The Story of an Afghan Grl is a book about bread, tea and telling a story. This biography of the Lodi Clan of southern Afghanistan highlights life in an ordinary Afghan compound before the Soviet Invasion of December, 1979. Food is a rich treat wafting with flavors and spices as nan, Afghan wheat bread, is pulled from the baking pits and chai tea is steeped in ancient samovars.

"The pair works silenty, rolling the elastic dough across the shaping stone. With a familiar 'smack' Jeshun uses a sturdy wooden paddle to slap the platter-sized flatbread against the hot wall of the glowing firepit.  Small bubbles on the surface of the bread rise and erupt. The hot wall bakes one side of the round.  The glowing charcoals bake the other. Repeating the motion, Jeshun uses the wooden paddle to retrieve the baked bread and adds the enormous round to the morning's pile of nan for the teahouse. In a rare gesture of kindness, Jeshun takes the last round, folding and tucking the warm bread under Amina's arm, she commands, 'Girl, eat this for your supper and return to work in the teahouse tomorrow.'"

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